Infinity BMW Cars

Infinity Cars brings to its customers international standards of sales & services across each of the brands we represent. We commenced operations in March 2007. Since then we have invested substantial amounts in establishing best in class facilities across the breadth of our operations.

BMW: Showroom: Worli, Nariman Point, Juinagar (Navi Mumbai) and Indore

BMW BPS: Showroom: Worli, Juinagar (Navi Mumbai)

BMW & MINI: Aftersales: Worli, Turbhe (Navi Mumbai), Indore

Aston Martin: Showroom: Kemps Corner Aftersales:Mahalaxmi

Ducati: Showroom: Bandra Aftersales: Worli

At each of our locations, we have strived to meet the exacting requirements of the Brand and our customer base. Our Worli BMW showroom is a unique three level new and pre-owned car display unlike any other in South Mumbai. Our showroom at Maker Chambers VI, Nariman Point is unique in being the only premium car showroom located in the prestigious business district. At Juinagar, we have established a five level showroom that sets a benchmark in contemporary automotive retail spaces. The Aston Martin showroom is literally located at the crossroads of South Mumbai offering customers a high-end boutique environment and the ability to custom specify the cars according to their preferences. Our Ducati showroom off Linking road at Bandra offers customers a premium experience suitably differentiated from others.

The BMW & MINI aftersales facility at Turbhe (Navi Mumbai) is spread across 85,000 sq.ft. and is the largest such facility in the country dedicated to catering to the service requirements of our luxury car owners. The Ducati service facility at the Worli high street is an unmatched location for aftersales that best offers personalised service to our biking customers. Likewise, the Aston Martin service facility at Mahalaxmi is the most conveniently located and easily accessed facility among high luxury offerings.

We have continuously strived to reach out to our customers through offering a sales and after-sales touch point in close proximity to them. We have carefully evolved our brand and facility portfolio to best meet the needs of the high-end automotive customers and be regarded as among the leading luxury automotive dealership franchises in the country.

Mr. Lalit Choudary - CMD Infinity Cars
Dealer Partner of BMW & MINI in Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai and Indore (M.P), Aston Martin and Ducati in Mumbai.

Lalit Choudary is the Chairman and Managing Director of Infinity Cars Private Limited - dealer for BMW cars in Mumbai since 2006. Under his leadership, Infinity Cars have evolved to become the #1 selling dealers for BMW and MINI across India and among the top luxury automotive dealership franchises across the country.

Lalit graduated as an Engineer and subsequently studied business at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. Lalit pursued a career in Investment Banking and worked at DSP Merrill Lynch in Mumbai and subsequently for close to a decade at Lehman Brothers in Hong Kong and Mumbai. Lalit excelled as an Investment Banker and worked on marquee transactions, including most notably the IPO of DLF, India’s largest real estate company and India’s largest IPO at that time.

Lalit is credited with having brought Lehman Brothers to India and in subsequent years established Infinity Cars, which set up the first MINI dealership and Aston Martin importership in India. Infinity Cars was also appointed as BMW dealer and Ducati dealer when the brands first made their official foray into the country.

Ms. Pooja Choudary - MD Infinity Cars
Dealer Partner of BMW in Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai and Indore (M.P.).
Dealer Partner for MINI in Mumbai (First Showroom in India) and Navi Mumbai.

Pooja Choudary is the M.D. of Infinity Cars - dealer for BMW cars that has recently completed 10 years of operations in Mumbai. She established Infinity Cars Private Limited in 2006 along with her husband, Lalit, runs the BMW business, and successfully established the company in quick time as a leading dealer for luxury cars in Mumbai city. Pooja is from Jaihind College, did her higher studies in Architecture, and practiced in India and abroad for six years. While she had a short successful career in architecture, she took up the challenge to set up a family business when an opportunity came their way upon re-locating from Hong-Kong in 2006.

Although new to the automobile business, Pooja has done a remarkable job in establishing Infinity Cars as the No. 1 BMW Dealer in the country. She has assembled an experienced and capable team to make an early impact in the industry. They have grown a customer following with a constant focus on offering reliable and high-quality service. We believe Pooja is an example of offering all the young women who aspire to become an entrepreneur in today’s competitive and dynamic market. Personal involvement with day-to-day operations and customer interaction has made her have an edge over the competition. She believes that customer care and attention is the key to any retail operation. Starting with a small number of 30 odd staff in the year 2007, she is currently managing the staff strength of 300 people.

Under Pooja’s leadership, Infinity Cars have won 11 awards for their performance in 2015, highest to be ever won by any BMW dealer in the country,

Awards include:

  • Best Performance in BMW Sales
  • Best Performance in BMW Corporate Sales
  • Best Performance in BMW FS Retail Business
  • Best Performance in Sales & Marketing Mini
  • Best Performance in Mini Sales
  • Best Performance in BPS
  • Best Performance in Retention Business
  • Best Performance in BMW Financial & Insurance Business
  • Best Performance in Customer Satisfaction Sales
  • Best Performance in Parts Turn over
  • 1st Runner up in BMW Sales Certification

Infinity Cars brings to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Indore the BMW standards of sales & services and the same international experience as any BMW Dealership worldwide. Infinity Cars commenced operations with the first delivery of vehicles in March 2007 and has state-of-the-art showrooms located at Worli (BMW), Nariman Point (BMW & MINI), Navi Mumbai (BMW & MINI), Kemps Corner (Aston Martin), Indore (BMW) and Navi Mumbai (BMW – Y.E. 2012). Infinity Cars have state-of-the-art and full-fledged modern service facilities located at Worli, Mahalaxmi, Turbhe, Mahalaxmi (Aston Martin) and Indore.

This Infinity Cars BMW Showroom at Worli is a landmark showroom with the state-of-the-art facilities for the customers to experience BMW cars. It is split into three levels with a BMW Premium Selection Showroom in the basement, reception and customer area on the ground floor, and a car display on the first floor that has evolved on the signature - BMW concept of street display and the pavement flanking alongside the customer area. The Infinity Cars MINI showroom is by itself a landmark car retail destination in Mumbai. It has successfully revolutionized the concept of automobile showrooms in the country and has received an international accolade for the same.

Infinity Cars Pvt. Ltd. is also the dealer partner of MINI India in Mumbai. Infinity Cars brings to Mumbai the MINI standards of sales & services and the same international experience as any MINI Dealership worldwide. Infinity Cars commenced operations with the first delivery of MINI cars on the 16th of May 2012.

The Year 2013 saw the opening of the Infinity Cars Nariman Point showroom at Maker Chambers VI, which is one of the most prestigious commercial locations in the country. This year will also foresee the opening of yet another landmark showroom in Mumbai, with the launch of the Navi Mumbai BMW & MINI facility, which boasts of a 4-floor stand-alone building and is the first such facility in New Bombay.

Infinity Cars has the largest span of after sales facilities for BMW in Mumbai with fully equipped facilities at Worli, Mahalaxmi and Turbhe. All facilities stock the widest range of parts and accessories and employs fully factory trained technicians that are adept in working with advanced tools required to best service the state-of-the-art BMW cars. Sales personnel have likewise been trained at BMW centers in the country. Our levels of customer satisfaction are constantly measured through the BMW Customer Satisfaction Index.

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