With Service and Repair Inclusive, you have complete peace of mind for a period of your choice. During this time, you don’t have to waste a moment thinking about the cost of maintenance or wear and tear. A single attractive upfront payment covers an extensive range of services performed by BMW Service (Original BMW Parts included).
Complete Cost Control.
Integrate the cost of service work in your leasing and finance instalment.

Fully Flexible.
You have a choice of various packages with different duration and mileage: Service Inclusive – You can choose from 3 years with 40,000 Km to 10 years with 2,00,000 Km. Repair Inclusive – Unlimited mileage* package up to 5 years.

Easily Transferable.
Consistent maintenance by trained BMW Service staff and the use of Original BMW Parts secure the value of your car in the long run. In case you sell your car, Service and Repair Inclusive is automatically transferred to the next owner – an additional selling point.

Vast Presence.
Service and Repair Inclusive is valid worldwide at participating BMW Service Centres.

For further details, ask your service advisor at our BMW Service Centre.




Original BMW Parts. Service Experts. Always Hassle-Free.

It’s all there for you with Service Inclusive: the expertise of our service specialists, the use of Original BMW Parts and the great feeling of knowing your BMW is in the very best of hands. And this not only applies at your local dealership but worldwide at all participating BMW Service Partners or Centres.

So there’s just one more question remaining: which package to choose? Service Inclusive, Service Plus or Repair Inclusive? We’re happy to help you there. Ask your BMW Service Partner or visit us at: more..

Please find information about what each package covers in the accompanying overview.

Combine the additional option of Repair Inclusive with the Service Package and you can access the full range of services. In addition to covering maintenance work and wear and tear repairs, your entitlement to warranty services is also extended beyond the statutory period.



Your BMW knows best when its next service is due. Its on-board maintenance system, Condition Based Service (CBS), determines your BMW’s individual service requirements and displays this information in the cockpit – giving you ample time to arrange an appointment that best fits your schedule.

And when you get to the garage, everything runs like clockwork. Your BMW Service Centre can immediately determine what needs to be done using the CBS data stored in your BMW key. One good reason to hand over the keys to your BMW.


Complete Cost Control: Maintenance and wear and tear work using Original BMW Parts combined with Service expertise – all at a unique and highly attractive fixed rate.

Variety Of Choices: There are various packages to choose from. Each of these packages include different range of services.

Flexible Framework: You have a choice of various packages with different duration and mileage: Service Inclusive – you can choose from 3 years with 40,000 Km to 10 years with 2,00,000 Km. Repair Inclusive – unlimited mileage* package up to 6 years (from the warranty start date).

Worldwide Validation: BMW Service and Repair Inclusive is valid worldwide at participating BMW Service Centres.Read more..

Warranty Benefits: Regular maintenance/CBS adherence means warranty entitlements remain in force.

Easy Transfer: BMW Service and Repair Inclusive shifts to the next owner, thereby securing value retention.
Easy Upgrade: You can upgrade anytime you wish.

An upgrade or extension is possible:
– For Service Inclusive at any time during the validity of the package and also within six months after the expiration of the package.
– For Repair Inclusive at any time within warranty or during the validity of the existing Repair Inclusive package only.
If an upgrade/extension to another package is opted for, then the existing package on the car with its coverage and scope will cease immediately. The scope and coverage of the extended/upgraded package will be enforced with immediate effect and no services as per the old package coverage can be availed.


Service Inclusive and/or Repair Inclusive is available as a cost option. The customer voluntarily opted to purchase Service Inclusive/Repair Inclusive packages, a value-added product offered by BMW India exclusively for its customers in order to avail additional benefits by payment of additional costs and subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Hence, BMW India Pvt. Ltd. (‘‘BMW”) intends to sell Service and Repair Inclusive to the customer through BMW Authorised Dealers in India, subject to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below. The customer hereby confirms that he has fully understood and accepted the same.
All the packages refer to BMW, BMW i and BMW M.

Service and Repair Inclusive is only applicable to original factory built product specifications. This means that the following are specifically not covered:
‣ Any BMW approved or non-BMW approved accessories.
‣ Any tuning or performance enhancement parts or repairs due to the installation thereof.
‣ Any repairs or replacement of parts due to excessive wear and tear or misuse.


‣ The package commences at the vehicle΄s defined warranty start date and at “Zero Kilometres”.
‣ Costs for services and repairs that were carried before purchase of the package/s are not covered or cannot be refunded back.
‣ The package terminates when either the kilometre limit or the time limit threshold is reached, whichever occurs earlier.Read more..

EXCLUSIONS:The following services are not included in the “Repair Inclusive”
‣ Fuel and contamination in the fuel system and consequential damage.
‣ Damage to paint finish, body, covers and panels.
‣ All kind of glass defects and/or accidental damages (e.g. mirrors, windows, headlight housing, optical distortion, spots, blurriness, etc.).
‣ Tyres, wheel balance weights and wheel damage.
‣ Repairs for which the vehicle user is responsible (engine damage due to deficiency of oil, overdue oil change and participation in racing events).
‣ Hydrostatic lock, flood and/or accidental damages. ‣ Towing costs in case of break down.
‣ Bulb, etc. (except LED and Xenon Lights).
‣ Odours and dust accumulation related defects like wiper washing system nozzles, etc.
‣ Repair or results caused by usage of original/non-original BMW accessories.
For detailed and other Terms and Conditions please visit your Authorised Dealer.


1. Service Inclusive and/or Repair Inclusive packages are available for all new cars/used cars* across all model ranges on sale in India.
2. The customer needs to order Service and/or Repair Inclusive through the respective BMW Authorised Dealer by filling out a declaration form along with the payment equivalent to the price of the selected package.
3. All servicing and maintenance jobs must be carried out at a BMW Authorised Service Workshop by BMW Approved Technicians and as specified in the owner’s manual wherever relevant. Manufacturer’s servicing guidelines are subject to change.
4. Service Inclusive and/or Repair Inclusive is transferable to subsequent owners but not transferable to another car.
5. The customer can request for cancellation of Service Inclusive and/or Repair Inclusive Package within four weeks from the date of activation of the package provided no services have been availed on the car under any scope. No cancellation or refund will be made after the above stated period.
6. In the event the vehicle covered under Service Inclusive and/or Repair Inclusive is involved in an accident rendering it beyond economical repairs/total loss, BMW Service Inclusive and/or BMW Repair Inclusive cover will be annulled and no reimbursement will be made for the remaining period of the validity. No cancellation request can be processed either.
7. There are no refunds for past service jobs if the package is purchased after the warranty commencement date.
8. Ease of package upgrade: you can opt for any higher package of the same segment (BSI and BRI) by paying the difference amount of the both (old and new) package.
9. BMW India Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to discontinue, alter, adjust, add or remove any packages, scope of services, exclusions, inclusions, etc. without any prior notice. Please speak to your Authorised Dealer for latest Terms and Conditions, prices, etc.
10. The construction, interpretation and meaning of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be determined in accordance with the Indian law. The New Delhi Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
*BMW Repair Inclusive is not available for used cars.


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