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The ex-showroom price of the Lamborghini Sian FKP-37 varies based on the location and specific customization options chosen. For the most accurate pricing information, it is recommended to contact Lamborghini Infinity cars, an authorized Lamborghini dealership or visit the official Lamborghini website. 

To experience the thrill of driving the Lamborghini Sian FKP-37, you can schedule a test drive by contacting Lamborghini Infinity cars. They will provide information on availability, booking procedures, and ensure you get an opportunity to feel the power and performance of this extraordinary hypercar. 

While both the Lamborghini Sian FKP-37 and the all-new Lamborghini Countach are exceptional vehicles, they cater to different automotive enthusiasts. The Sian FKP-37 is known for its hybrid powertrain and futuristic design, combining electric and V12 power. In contrast, the all-new Lamborghini Countach pays homage to the iconic Countach lineage, featuring a classic design with modern performance enhancements. Each model offers a unique driving experience based on individual preferences. 

The Lamborghini Sian FKP-37 incorporates advanced safety features to ensure a secure driving experience. Some notable safety features include multiple airbags, advanced traction and stability control systems, anti-lock braking system (ABS), adaptive cruise control, and a high-strength carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Additionally, the car may include driver-assistance technologies to enhance overall safety on the road. 

Dealerships often provide financing options and promotional offers for luxury vehicles like the Lamborghini Sian FKP-37. To explore the available financing plans, low-interest rates, or special promotions, it is advisable to contact Lamborghini Infinity cars or check their official website. They can provide information on any ongoing deals, making it easier for enthusiasts to bring home this extraordinary hypercar.