5 Benefits of Buying A Pre-Owned Luxury Car

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It is truly a great feeling to enter a car showroom and drive with your brand new car, but if you are on a budget, buying a pre-owned car makes more sense than the new one. Buying a luxury used car is now a hassle-free experience as every dealer has a pre-owned division. So if you have a budget for an economical new car, you might want to have a look at used luxury car options. Not convinced? Here is a list of perks of buying a pre-owned car.

1) Affordability: Pre-owned luxury cars not only come with a lower price tag but also give a higher value for money. Gone are the days when second-hand cars meant worn-out conditions. Now you can easily buy well-maintained and less driven cars.

The luxury used car market is organized now. As mentioned before most car manufacturers and dealers have their pre-owned divisions. The cars available are checked and verified by the dealer. An increasing number of financial institutions are now giving loans at lucrative rates. Hence if you end up buying a used car, you do not have to worry about high EMIs anymore. Not only that dealers will happy to help you with that as well.

You will get more comfort, better features, increased safety if you opt for a pre-owned luxury car rather than an economical new car, and let me remind you all of these at almost the same price.

2) Slow rate of depreciation: A downside of buying a new car is that its depreciation graph starts falling the moment it is driven out of the showroom. The market value of the luxury car declines at a very rapid pace in the early years of the car.

Most cars see a depreciation of 25-30% in the first year and another 10-15% in the second year. Hence, you may avoid this immense depreciation hit by opting for a pre-owned vehicle. Though a used car will also depreciate, but slowly.

3) Low Insurance Rates:  Be it new or old buying a car comes with other expenses too, like purchasing car insurance. But the good news is premium for a new car is relatively higher than an old car. Besides insurance, you also have to give a lower amount towards registration fees. As the cost of registration is based on the transaction amount of the car, purchasing a used car reduces the cost of registration.

4) Customized and make it your dream car: Now that you have saved almost half of the money. You can get it customized and make your dream car come true. Now that’s a fabulous way to spend your hard-earned money

5) Better for the Environment: Roughly a quarter of the carbon dioxide a car produces throughout its life-cycle occurs during manufacturing and initial shipment. Purchasing a used car reduces the carbon dioxide output into the environment.

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