6 Reasons why you should get your Porsche serviced only in an authorized Porsche workshop

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Your precious Porsche is quite an investment and keeping yourself on top of your maintenance schedule is vital. If you are wondering whether to take your Porsche to a dealership service center or a local garage. Consider these given factors before making the decision.

1) Expertise of our certified technicians

The technicians in the Porsche workshop go through special training by the manufacturer, which makes them an expert on every Porsche model. Hence they can easily pinpoint the problems and are also capable of solving them. Porsche Service Centre Mumbai is well equipped with the latest technology to replace or repair any faulty parts of your car.

2) Original parts

As we all are aware Porsche is not manufactured in India. In case any parts of your Porsche are beyond repair and have to be replaced, only an authorized service centre can be trusted for arranging the original Porsche parts. While on the other hand, the local garage people may fix the problem temporarily using some parts which may cause bigger problems later.


3) Warranty

A limited warranty often accompanies the purchase of a new Porsche. Sometimes though, that warranty becomes null and void if you get your Porsche serviced at a local garage. Some maintenance and repairs must be done at an authorized service centre, or you can no longer consider your warranty valid.

4) Benefits of increasing your Porsche’s resale value

Now this is an obvious one, but considering it before going to a local garage is so important. Your resale value will be much higher not only because it is well maintained but also because of the trust factor that all the parts in your car are genuine.

5) Customer’s satisfaction

As it is authorized by the manufacturer it has to maintain the brand standers and so does Porsche Service Centre Mumbai. So you can be stress-free about your car because you know it is in good and well trained hands equipped with latest technology and hence the problem will be solved whatsoever.

6) Hassle free servicing

All you have to do is book an appointment through the website by clicking on Porsche Service appointment OR call-022 6236 29113 and your car will be picked, and once the servicing is done it will be dropped at your home.

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