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BMW X4 xDrive M40i.


BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe on road price in Delhi starts from Rs. 43.30 Lakh for the 220i Sport trim and goes up to Rs. 49.34 Lakh for the 220d M Sport trim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -

You can easily book a test drive for the BMW X4 by contacting BMW Infinity cars, an authorized BMW dealership. You can visit their showroom to arrange a test drive with one of their knowledgeable sales representatives or fill in their test drive request form online for added convenience.

The on-road price of the BMW X4 xDrive M40i can vary based on your location due to factors such as local taxes and registration fees. For the most accurate and up to date on-road price, it is recommended to contact BMW Infinity Cars.

The BMW X4 comes with a range of specifications, including engine options, performance features, and technology enhancements. To get detailed information on the specifications of the BMW X4, you can contact BMW Infinity Cars. 

The BMW X4 offers competitive fuel efficiency for its class, thanks to its efficient engine technologies and aerodynamic design. While fuel efficiency may vary depending on the specific engine variant and driving conditions, the X4 is engineered to deliver a balance of power and efficiency. For precise fuel economy figures and details on eco-friendly driving features, contact BMW Infinity Cars for expert guidance.

BMW dealerships often provide various financing options, including EMI plans and down payment offers. To inquire about the latest and specific finance deals for the BMW X4, it is advisable to contact BMW Infinity Cars. They can provide information on current promotions, special financing rates, and any other offers available at the time.