Next-Gen Freedom: Unveiling the New Range of Ducati Scrambler at Ducati Infinity, Mumbai


In an exciting improvement for motorcycle lovers in India, Ducati has launched the subsequent generation of the enduring Scrambler. The new Ducati Scrambler models are available at Ducati Infinity, Mumbai, showcasing the brand’s dedication to innovation, style, and performance. This awaited launch introduces a line of superbikes that encompasses the spirit of freedom, thrill, and individuality.

Augmented Self-Expression

The new generation of Ducati Scrambler is all about self-expression. It takes the long-standing identity of the Scrambler and infuses it with contemporary design and additions, resulting in a superbike that truly stands out proud and loud. The new variant offers a choice of models, every single one with its own precise style and persona. Whether you select the conventional and natural appearance of the Icon, the sporty and aggressive vibe of the Full Throttle, or the fashionable and refined aesthetics of the Nightshift, there’s a Ducati Scrambler to fit your mood and style.

Technical Minimalism

At the heart of the second-generation Ducati Scrambler models is the commitment to technical minimalism. The superbikes are built around a powerful dual-cylinder engine that provides the natural joy and exhilaration which the Scrambler family is renowned for. The metal trellis frame ensures a stable and responsive journey, whilst the wide handlebars and low centre of gravity provide high control and manoeuvrability. The new range additionally includes a 35Kw version for A2 licenses, making it accessible to riders of all levels of experience.

New TFT Dashboard

One of the standout functionalities of the next-era Ducati Scramblers is the top-notch 4.3-inch TFT instrumentation. This advanced dashboard keeps the classic look at the same time presenting increased connectivity and capability. The vibrant display provides riders with vital information, including speed, RPM, gear position, fuel level, and more. The new TFT dashboard integrates seamlessly with the bike’s electronics, allowing riders to easily access and control diverse functions and settings.

Enjoy the New Lightness

In the pursuit of improving performance and agility, Ducati has centered on decreasing the weight of the new Scrambler range. The Desmodue engine, a defining feature of the Ducati Scrambler, has been modernized to be lighter by almost 2.5 kg compared to the previous generation. This weight change extensively improves the Scrambler’s power-to-weight ratio, resulting in better acceleration. With the brand-new Ducati Scrambler, riders can revel in a newfound sense of lightness and responsiveness on the streets.

Next-Gen Family

The new Ducati Scrambler range represents a brand-new chapter in the superbike’s records. From the manufacturing to its launch, every aspect of the Next Gen Scrambler has been meticulously crafted to give a one-of-a-kind experience in luxury. The variant has three distinct models: the Icon, the Full Throttle, and the Nightshift. Each version brings its own specific style and traits on the table.

New Ducati Scrambler Range Launched in India

Ducati has recently released a brand new variety of Ducati Scrambler superbikes in India, marking an interesting new generation for superbike fans in India. The new Scrambler introduces a bunch of updates and upgrades, along with a new lighter chassis, new color options, and advanced electronics. With its modern-day fashion and bold character, the Next Gen Ducati Scrambler is ready to captivate riders of India.

The pricing for the new Ducati Scrambler range in India is as follows:

  • Ducati Scrambler Icon: Rs 10.39 lakh onwards (ex-showroom).
  • Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle: Rs 12 lakh onwards (ex-showroom).
  • Ducati Scrambler Nightshift: Rs 12 lakh onwards (ex-showroom).

Scrambler Icon: Purest Form of Expression


The Scrambler Icon represents the purest form of the Ducati Scrambler. It sports a new tank design that embodies the concept of customization. The colored part of the tank is a replaceable cover, permitting the riders to personalize their Scrambler Icon easily. The customization alternatives don’t end there, the fenders, tags on the wheels, and front headlight covers can also be replaced to match the rider’s tastes. The new Scrambler Icon showcases a revised handlebar that gives progressed control and a flatter seat for suitable rider and passenger comfort. With its black beneath-seat side panels adorned with Ducati Scrambler graphics, the Icon retains its iconic look even as it embraces a new wave of style.

Scrambler Full Throttle: Unleash the Sportiness

Full Throttle scrambler


For those seeking an aggressive and sporty riding experience, the Scrambler Full Throttle is the precise choice. Inspired by the adrenaline-fueled world of US flat track racing, the Full Throttle model exudes a rugged and formidable aesthetic. The side number plates proudly display the number 62, paying tribute to the debut year of the first Ducati Scrambler. The sporty character of the Full Throttle is more emphasized by the dedicated livery in GP19 Red/Dark Stealth, black finish exhaust heat shields and front aspect covers, and a shorter front fender. The inclusion of capabilities such as a Termignoni silencer, Ducati Performance LED turn indicators, and a Quick Shift up/down system enhances the performance and style of the Full Throttle variant.

Scrambler Nightshift: Elegance and Refinement

Nightshift Scrambler

The Nightshift version of the Ducati Scrambler range exudes splendour and refinement. It features a fusion of conventional and complex, consisting of a Café Racer-fashion saddle in a darkish leather base and a combination of smooth and matte surfaces. The minimal front fender, absence of a rear fender, and black finishes at the aluminium aesthetic info add to the Nightshift’s stylish look. The Nebula Blue coloring and black spoked wheels add a touch of class to this version. Completing the overall look are the flat-set variable-section handlebar and bar-end mirrors, which exude a café racer vibe. The Nightshift model is the embodiment of undying style and class.

Ducati Scrambler Engine and Performance

The new Ducati Scrambler range is powered by means of an air-cooled 803cc L-twin engine, handing over 72bhp of energy and 65Nm of torque. This engine has been meticulously designed to offer a thrilling driving revel in, with a focus on both strength and performance. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox that features a bi-directional quick shifter, taking into consideration seamless gear adjustments. The Scrambler variety moreover includes ride-by-wire technology, providing two trip modes (Road and Wet) to conform to all driving situations. Additionally, a 4-stage traction control device and Cornering ABS provide better safety and balance on the streets.


The arrival of the new generation Ducati Scrambler range marks a significant milestone in the evolution of these iconic motorcycles. With their augmented self-expression, technical minimalism, new TFT dashboard, and enhanced lightness, the Next Gen Ducati Scramblers offer riders a truly unique and exhilarating riding experience. Whether you choose the classic and pure Icon, the sporty and aggressive Full Throttle, or the elegant and refined Nightshift, you can be sure that each Ducati Scrambler model will deliver on its promise of freedom, expressiveness, and colour. So, embrace the next generation of Scrambler and embark on a journey of unrivalled excitement and adventure.

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