Top 5 features of the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine!

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine On Road Price

Cultured drivers have long connected the BMW 3-Series with the ideal mix of extravagance and execution. Yet, imagine a scenario in which you want that equivalent thrilling driving experience and a great amount of legroom. Look no further than the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine.

This fastidiously created vehicle takes the famous 3-Series stage and expands the wheelbase, making a strikingly extensive and rich driving experience. Here at Infinity Cars, an automotive luxury dealership, we’re excited to exhibit the best 5 inducements for why the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine ought to be your next vehicle.

Unmatched Rear Seat Comfort: The Defining Feature:

The Gran Limousine’s characterizing trademark is its extended wheelbase, translating to 110mm more legroom in the rear compared to the standard 3-Series. This means an unquestionably luxurious experience for rear passengers, whether it’s for business drives or luxurious long drives.

Imagine loosening up easily during extended journeys, or families with youngsters having more than adequate space for everybody. The BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine rethinks solace in the mid-size luxury sedan segment.

A Luxurious Heaven for All Travelers:

The interior of the BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine

The interior of the BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine impresses with excellent materials and exceptionally clean design. The cockpit features dynamic elements, such as the ‘Sensatec’ dashboard and an M Sport leather steering wheel with ‘Galvanic’ elements in the perfect overall picture.

The most recent iDrive 8 infotainment system consistently incorporates a wide touchscreen and a fresh digital instrument cluster, offering natural control and a modern aesthetic. Besides, features like ambient lighting and a panoramic sunroof hoist the general feeling to another level.

Thrilling Performance Meets Everyday Efficiency:

The BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine doesn’t compromise on execution for its additional space. In the engine, you’ll track down a decision of strong and refined motors, both petrol and diesel, highlighting BMW’s unique twin-turbocharged innovation.

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine twin power turbo engine

These motors convey an elating mix of force and proficiency. Experience the surge of speed when you demand it, all while knowing the Gran Limousine remains strikingly fuel-efficient for regular driving.

Unwavering Handling:

BMW 3 Series Gran Limousine Price

Notwithstanding its extended wheelbase, the BMW engineering team has carefully created the Gran Limousine to hold the sharp dealing with and dynamic driving experience that the 3-Series is renowned for. This car corners with exceptional accuracy and conveys a really associated feel among the driver and the road. Explore the roads with certainty, or basically partake in the sensation of exact control in the driver’s seat.

A Suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems:

The BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine focuses on your security and peace of mind. Our team at Infinity Cars is pleased to offer a vehicle furnished with a thorough set-up of driver assistance and safety features.

Top 5 features of the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine

These elements incorporate cruise control with braking functions, parking assistant, BMW live cockpit plus, and many more. The Gran Limousine guarantees you and your passengers show up at your destination safely.

At Infinity Cars, we comprehend that cultured drivers demand a car that mirrors their refined taste and dynamic way of life. The BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine exemplifies this impeccably.

Visit our showroom today and experience the unrivaled comfort, elating execution, and state of the art innovation firsthand. We welcome you to test drive this exceptional car and find the reason why the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine ought to be your next extravagance ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –
What is the ex-showroom price of the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine?

The ex-showroom price of the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine varies depending on the location, taxes, and optional features. For accurate pricing details, please contact BMW Infinity Cars, an authorized BMW Dealership.

Where can I take a test drive of the BMW 3 Gran Limousine?

You can experience the BMW 3 Gran Limousine firsthand by scheduling a test drive at BMW Infinity Cars. Their sales experts will assist you in arranging a test drive at your convenience to help you make an informed decision.

What are the key features of the BMW 3 GL?

The BMW 3 GL offers an array of premium features including advanced parking assistant, luxurious interior design, intuitive infotainment technology, and dynamic driving performance. For a detailed overview of its key features, please reach out to BMW Infinity Cars.

Are there any ongoing offers or promotions available for the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine?

BMW Infinity Cars frequently offers special promotions and financing options for the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine. To stay updated on current offers and incentives, we recommend contacting them directly for the most accurate information tailored to your preferences.

What is the engine power options available for the BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine?

The BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine is available in a couple of powerful and efficient engine options tailored to meet diverse driving preferences. To explore the engine specifications and performance capabilities in detail, we advise contacting BMW Infinity Cars for precise information relevant to your requirements. 

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